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Dear neighbors,

In Prague 1, we are currently putting together our Strategy for Sustainable Development for the next decade. This strategy will tie together all the development projects implemented thus far in all areas of our city district’s life. It is a joint work and everyone plays a part – elected officials, administrative officers, external experts, and the public. That said, we’d like to kindly offer you the opportunity to take active part in preparing the Sustainable Development Strategy.

Prague 1 is a unique place with incredible genius loci. The direction it should take in the coming years is mainly up to us, the people who live here. But it also concerns anyone who comes here to work, attend school, visit loved ones, or admire the beautiful sights. We’d be delighted if as many of us as possible attend the workshops and participate in our ongoing research projects.

Your opinions, comments and questions will play a crucial role in creating the future face of our town center.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Starosta Prahy 1 Petr Hejma

Petr Hejma

Mayor of Prague 1

Why participate

  • Your opinion will influence the development of Prague 1 till 2035
  •  You have an opportunity to discuss pertinent topics, including traffic, public transportation, safety, environment, housing, or tourism, helping the city plan its next steps
  • Your participation helps us find solutions based on mutual consensus.

How to participate

There are two ways you can participate:

  • Join our public participation meeting, to be held Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m.
  • Meet with our researcher for an in-depth interview on the quality of life in the city center.

When and where was the meeting held?

The public meeting was held online on Monday, March 21, starting at 6 p.m. We discussed what you would like to keep, change or improve in the city center.

A few rules for the public participation meeting


The public participation meeting is a discussion led by an experienced facilitator following best practices for the data gathering process.


The public participation is open to people who live or work in the city center.


Political representatives are not allowed to join the public participation meeting to ensure an environment of political neutrality.

Logo Praha 1 - Sociologický průzkum

"Prague 1 - citizens' perspective" research project

Pragues city center is a diverse place where the paths of youth, families, seniors, expats, tourists, and others intersect on a daily basis. As a part of our commitment to understanding the needs of diverse groups living in the city center, we are also conducting a sociological inquiry into the needs of locals and their quality of life. We are currently conducting in-depth interviews that take about one hour and tackle the main aspects defining life in the center of Prague. If you are interested in being interviewed, please reach out to us using any of the contacts below. Our researcher will set a meeting with you at a time and place of your convenience. Your insights will help shape the goals for sustainable development in the years to come. If you are fluent in Czech, you may also fill in the questionnaire that will be released on this website in March.

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public amenities
quality of life

Contact us by phone

During the office hours between 8 am and 6 pm, you may reach us using the free-of-charge landline +420 800 123 123. Our operator will set up a meeting with you.

Contact us via email

You may also write an e-mail to info@planuj1.cz from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and we contact you to set up a meeting.

Members of the team